Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random favorites

I will be out of town for next 4 days so I will not be posting anything new until I get back. This will my last post this week :(. I haven't been blogging for as long as a lot you out there, but I have become so hooked and I love it! I have enjoyed all the people that I've met so far in the blogging world. I'm always thinking about what I'm going to blog about next, and I take random notes if I think of something "blog-worthy". So this post is pretty much a post of random things and pictures that inspired me to get a little creative. Thank you for reading my blog!

Celebrity Style

I Love Gwen's look! She always looks fabulous - I love her unique wild, yet lady like prints and funky accessories. I read in one of her interviews that she sometimes gets inspiration for how she dresses from seeing what her fans wear. I also want her abs. Even post-baby Kingston she looks great.

Her signature look is her red lipstick and wearing animal prints. But the look that I love from her is her coiled-quiff updo.

To get Gwen's coiled updo:

from HelloMagazine:

Leaving a large section free at the front, pull hair tightly back into a pony tail or chignon and spray liberally with hairspray, using the edge of a bristle brush to smooth hair flat at the sides.
Wind the free section around a large Velcro roller and apply heat from a dryer to set, before leaving to cool. Coat with hairspray while the roller is in place.
Carefully unwind, leaving hair to keep its shape, and backcomb with a fine-toothed comb on the underside – right from the roots to build height.
Curve hair around fingers into a coil, using plenty of hairspray as you shape and gripping the outside of the coil into place at the scalp.
Tip: Use the tips of the fine-tooth comb to smooth over the surface of the coil, then smooth finally with fingertips wet with hairspray.
Here's another link with steps on how to get Gwen's updo:

Kitchen & Dining inspirations:
Great design & decor from These are actual people's dining rooms and kitchens, not just props.

European inspired kitchen

I love the wall color in this dining room and how the blue candle holders stand out.

Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired dining room

I love this whole look.

Halloween Inspirations
Fun and easy Halloween ideas from

Witches curtain

Lay a heavy-duty black garbage bag flat on a work surface, open end toward you. With scissors, cut 1 1/2-inch vertical strips from the bottom, stopping a few inches from the top. Cut open one side seam, then unfold bag. Use masking tape or tacks to hang. Then, with hands a few inches apart, grasp each strand and pull; stretch strands in several places for a decrepit effect.

Eyeball soup

A bowl of hot tomato soup will leave you cold if it stares back.
To make "eyeballs," scoop the centers from mini mozzarella balls, and fill them with sliced pimiento-stuffed olives. For the bug crawling along the edge of the bowl, use a toothpick to prick holes in a pitted Kalamata olive; then stick in rosemary sprigs for legs and snipped chives for antennae.

What I want to eat right now
yum - a triple layer chocolate mousse cake....

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