Thursday, August 30, 2007

Love for tunics

I heart tunic tops - or any variations of a long flowy top that can be worn alone or in layers. I love a loose tunic top over a pair of jeans or tights, and to give it some shape I will wear it belted. They are so forgiving and make any outfit effortlessy romantic. Since I already have some basic tunics in my closet - I started looking for some variations. And of course, I have to share with you some of my favorites:

Black tunic
12th Street by Cynthia Vincent

jumper - great for layering

mettalic tunic - can be worn alone or layered over jeans

love the different layers

willowy blouse with gold beads

A woven tunic cardigan - great twist on the classic cardigan top
12th Street by Cynthia Vincent

A wispy pullover - I love how subtle this is
12th Street by Cynthia Vincent

Cami tunic top - it looks very Greek Goddess to me
For Liberty & Love

Embroider smocked top - too precious!

a shirt with a waist tie - very casual Friday
applique top - i love how feminine this is, and also the shape
another great top - this time with lace

I could keep on going - but I guess I'll stop here.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Go Eco Friendly

I love that its easier to find things that are eco-friendly now that its trendy. My newest site obsession where I go to look for home-goods: This site carries products that are in its most natural state, or are made using the purest and most sustainable ingredients possible. Everything is very natural and modern.

Some of my favorite things on this site:


glass teakettle - you can watch the water boil

Server - made from already felled maple trees

Bowls and vases made from discarded root balls of Chinese fir trees.

antler shaped candle holders

Stone placemats - how cool is that?

Lotus flower chandalier

Stemware made from recycled glass - absolutely guiltless

Hemp slouchy purse

Metal jewelry tree

beautiful silk throw

Stone and pebble jewelry

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Maybe She's Born with it, Maybe it's Miss Ha.

If you haven't guessed, I love make up as much as I love clothes! I've been playing with makeup ever since I was a little girl sneaking into my mom's makeup bag. My mom used to keep all her makeup in a small navy blue cosmetic purse in her bathroom. I loved the smell of her makeup - she wore only the basics: powder, blush, lipstick and occasionally polished her nails. She has had the same tube of red lipstick for as long as I can remember; the same lipstick I use to sneak and apply on my lips to look fancy. She used her powder and blush so sparingly, they probably lasted her years. Of course, I learned years later as a teenager that make up does have an expiration date and should be tossed/replaced.

Some makeup pieces that I can't live without: my ever-trustworthy chapstick, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and blush. I stock up on my favorites, but I am always on the lookout for fun make up for those special occasions. I am willing to splurge on my "can't live without" pieces, but I usually don't like to spend too much money. That's why I like the Korean-based makeup website Missha has the philosophy that makeup is a necessity (it is!) and should be affordable (definitely!). So what they do is have really simple packaging to keep the cost down. What I loved the most: there were a lot of items for less than $10 and even $5! The look is very simple, the website calls out bestsellers and weekly picks. My only complaint: the site was kind of slow.

Here are some of my favorites (prices included):

Blush $6.25
Eyebrow kit $4.99

Press Powder $7.99

Liquid eyeliner $4.99

White pencil liner $2.99

Pineapple Soap $2.99

Oil blotters $4.49

bubble-maker $2.99

Mango shower gel $5.49

Lip brush $4.99

Highlighter brush $4.99

Powder brush $6.99

Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh Johnny!

Selling cupcakes without actually making cupcakes?
That's what Johnny does. He started it as a joke - and it has turned to be a huge success. He opened a store with a giant dough machine, a glass bakery case, and cooling racks - and no cupcakes. Instead, in the displays are t-shirts with images of cupcakes. He creates his own designs - all selling between $40-$70 a piece. All the shirts are very cute, unique and creative. I'd love to actually go to Newbury St and check out the actual store.

At the age of 24, Johnny is already giving advice to aspiringentrepreneurs. My favorite advice from him:

a. Try not to limit/Mass produce anything. Everyone wants what nobody has.
b. Focus. Live a drug-free, alcohol-free lifestyle - this has helped him save money, think straight, live healthy, focus and use his time wisely.

The display looks delicious!

a suitcase full of cupcake t-shirts

Some of my favorite designs from

Doesn't it make you want to eat some cupcakes?
Read more about Johnny's story:

Thursday, August 16, 2007

This site is the coolest site for well-designed, functional, and quality STUFF. They have housewares, paper goods, toys, accessories, clothing, you name it. All the stuff they sell comes from individual artisans, and everything is so well-designed and unique. The people at elsewares are passionate about design, quality, good business practices and the environment. I spent hours on this site just looking at everything. Here are a few of my favorites things:

Gothic Plates. Love the silhouettes.

A scenic pendant necklace. Very cool and unique.

This is called the Full Contact Spice Grinder. I can't take my eyes off the shape.

A floral placemat. Dishwasher safe! Printed on polypropylene.

Beautiful designs on beautiful plates.
This is called a Wee Ninja. SOOO cute!

A really unique watch. The first two column are the hours: 1-6 and 7-12. The third column is the minutes 1-59. Seconds are numeric in the small window.

Some of my favorite card designs. They have so many to choose from.

What I loved most: they have a category for Recycled and Eco-friendly stuff. Really cool. Check it out:

A cosmetic bag crocheted using 200 recycled aluminum tabs.

A close up look.

An eco friendly purse made from excess industrial felt. Zip it up and its a handbag!

Bold Bracelets made from old street signs.
Sites like this one are some of favorites - where the people care about where things are made and how they are made.