Thursday, August 16, 2007

This site is the coolest site for well-designed, functional, and quality STUFF. They have housewares, paper goods, toys, accessories, clothing, you name it. All the stuff they sell comes from individual artisans, and everything is so well-designed and unique. The people at elsewares are passionate about design, quality, good business practices and the environment. I spent hours on this site just looking at everything. Here are a few of my favorites things:

Gothic Plates. Love the silhouettes.

A scenic pendant necklace. Very cool and unique.

This is called the Full Contact Spice Grinder. I can't take my eyes off the shape.

A floral placemat. Dishwasher safe! Printed on polypropylene.

Beautiful designs on beautiful plates.
This is called a Wee Ninja. SOOO cute!

A really unique watch. The first two column are the hours: 1-6 and 7-12. The third column is the minutes 1-59. Seconds are numeric in the small window.

Some of my favorite card designs. They have so many to choose from.

What I loved most: they have a category for Recycled and Eco-friendly stuff. Really cool. Check it out:

A cosmetic bag crocheted using 200 recycled aluminum tabs.

A close up look.

An eco friendly purse made from excess industrial felt. Zip it up and its a handbag!

Bold Bracelets made from old street signs.
Sites like this one are some of favorites - where the people care about where things are made and how they are made.

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