Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh Johnny!

Selling cupcakes without actually making cupcakes?
That's what Johnny does. He started it as a joke - and it has turned to be a huge success. He opened a store with a giant dough machine, a glass bakery case, and cooling racks - and no cupcakes. Instead, in the displays are t-shirts with images of cupcakes. He creates his own designs - all selling between $40-$70 a piece. All the shirts are very cute, unique and creative. I'd love to actually go to Newbury St and check out the actual store.

At the age of 24, Johnny is already giving advice to aspiringentrepreneurs. My favorite advice from him:

a. Try not to limit/Mass produce anything. Everyone wants what nobody has.
b. Focus. Live a drug-free, alcohol-free lifestyle - this has helped him save money, think straight, live healthy, focus and use his time wisely.

The display looks delicious!

a suitcase full of cupcake t-shirts

Some of my favorite designs from

Doesn't it make you want to eat some cupcakes?
Read more about Johnny's story:

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