Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Complete Bra Wardrobe

Today was my “clean out the closet” day. I know a lot of people dread cleaning, but I love organizing and cleaning my closet out! My drawers and hangers get hectic during the weeks, so I like going back and re-folding sweaters and tops so they don’t get wrinkly, hanging up things that need to be hung, and basically putting things back where they belong so that getting dressed in the morning is much easier. Twice a year I do a thorough analysis of what I wear and don’t wear and also swap out seasonal clothes. I never use to store seasonal clothes away and just keep everything in one closet, but it just got to crazy. I have a large closet, but its not a walk-in that would hold everything, so during the Spring and Summer, I store sweaters, thick blazers, wool pants and skirts, and winter accessories in breathable plastic baskets with covers (I never store them in those Space Saver storage vacuum seal bags – they are terrible for your clothes. Clothes need to breathe). Then when Fall and Winter rolls around – I store away my summer clothes: shorts, sundresses, capris, linen clothing, bathing suits and pull out the thicker clothes. I love doing this! I get a cheap thrill out of this – because I’m reminded of all the things I already own so I don’t go out and buy a bunch of things I already have. This is also a great time to toss or donate clothes that are ruined, don’t fit, or I just don’t like anymore. Then when it’s all done, I can admire my closet. Today, I did something that I usually miss when organizing my closet: I also went through all my bras and weeded out bad ones, kept the goods ones, and replaced with new ones. I haven’t had a good bra-fitting in a while, so I went to Macy’s for a fitting session and came home with an armful of new bras. There is argument out there about why women wear bra and if it is really necessary, read more about it here, but I personally wear a bra so that my breasts look good underneath my clothes. And a good fitting bra is sooo important, wearing the wrong band or cup size can make for an uncomfortable bra. I was reading an article that said a woman should be re-measured for a bra every 6 months! Crazy, right? I probably get new bras every year, mostly for special occasions or if I see something cute, but I don’t necessarily re-measure to make sure I’m still the same size. Well, the reason is because if you have lost weight or gained weight, then your bra size will fluctuate as much as your clothes do. I never thought about that. Guess that makes sense. You should definitely be fit for a new bra if any of these things happen:

-You've lost or gained 5 to 7 pounds
-Experienced childbirth or menopause
-Changed your diet or exercise regime
-You've had breast implants is a great website on how to measure yourself for a bra, but nowadays most department stores and specialty lingerie stores like Victoria Secret offering free bra fittings.

Some other great bra tips from
  • Get professionally fitted. It doesn't cost any more, and you owe it to yourself to have an expert fit you correctly.
  • Do your serious bra shopping when bras are not on sale so you can get the attention and the sizes you need.
  • The weight should rest not on the straps, but on the band.
  • Bras should be positioned halfway between your shoulder and your elbow. Most women wear bras that are hiked up too far.
  • Tightening the straps too much can result in welts and pressure on your shoulders. Let the band do the heavy lifting.
  • Dip and tuck yourself into the cups of the bra.
  • The right bra will pick you up, add a couple inches to your torso, and make you appear thinner!
  • Metal hooks last longer than plastic.
  • Buy nude, not white. Nude looks better than white under white.
  • To get rid of back fat, position the bra band lower on your back, not higher.
  • Wash your bras after two wearings, but don't wear the same bra two days in a row because it will lose its firmness. Your bra needs time to rebound.
  • Hand wash — the washing machine cycle is too long for these delicate fabrics. Use Ivory Liquid, not Woolite, on synthetics.
  • Fit on the last hook so that you have room to tighten as the bra loses elasticity.

Here are 7 must-have bras for a complete bra wardrobe:

The Everyday bra: A comfy bra for everyday wearing.

Tailored softcup bra by Maidenform $15

The T-shirt bra: A must-have to wear underneath tight t-shirts and sweaters to give your breasts shape. The cups are molded to keep its shape and be seamless so that the shape of the bra is not showing through your clothes.

Wolford T-shirt bra $150

Chantelle "Senso" T-Shirt Bra $68

The Black bra: You need to have at least one black bra because it is sexy and its perfect to go underneath a black top.

CK underwire bra $48

Victoria Secret black satin demi $34

The Convertible bra: Straps can be removed or crisscrossed to to create a bra for a halter, racerback or strapless bra to fit any top.

Le mystere dream convertible strapless bra $62

Ultimate convertible bra $28

Lily of France convertible bra $15

The Demi bra: This very sexy bra is a contour bra with the cups partially cut to expose the top of the breasts to reveal cleavage. A must have bra for a low cut top or scoop neck top.
Olga demi bra $30

Vanity Fair demi contour bra $29

Lily of France demi bra $15

The Sports Bra: A must have to keep breasts in place while working out or playing a sport. Doesn't matter if they are big or small, a sports bra is a MUST so that you don't end up with droopy breasts later in life. Read more about it this at I also found an article talking about the Top 10 Sports Bras for Women.

Natori underwire sports bra $44

Champion softcup sports bra $36

C9 by Champion sports bra $20

The Wideset bra: a must have for boatneck tops or tops with a wider neck when you don't want the straps to show.

CK wideset bra $38

The Strapless bra: A must have for strapless evening gowns.

Lace convertible strapless bra $38

The Wonderbra - strapless $20

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