Monday, September 17, 2007

Simply Vera

I was on the search for black ankle boots this weekend and I also wanted to check out the Simply Vera line at Kohls. I've heard mixed reviews, so I wanted to see it for myself. Vera Wang was the first thing you see when you walk in on the Misses entrance. The signing is blue with Simply Vera everywhere. The display was pretty nice, there was an outfit with accessories on display. Her color pallets were mostly black, navy blue, and violet. There were two very cute dresses that I immediately grabbed off of the rack. Both were black, one a sleeveless pleated empire waisted dress, and one was a long sleeve empire waisted dress. Both looked great on the rack, but I can't pull off the empire waisted dress without looking like I was either pregnant or gained 10 lbs. They were both nays. There were two black skirts, a pleated skirt and an a-line, but I didn't need a black skirt so I skipped over to the purple bubble skirt. It looked great on the mannequin, but I was never into the bubble skirt trend, so that was a nay as well. There were several tops - some basic tees and babydoll tops all on hangers. And the way they were hanging, they just looked so stretched out and long. They did not look appealing to me at all. There was a really cute long sweater in black and lilac, but the only sizes left were too big for me. I ended up deciding on a really cute trapeze blazer in black and violet.

Wool trapeze blazer. Snap button. On sale for $53.99

Simply Vera tag - matches the in-store signing
Simply Vera also had handbags, shoes, knit hats and gloves, tights, and bedding. I wasn't really impressed with any of the accessories; to me, they felt more Kohls than Vera Wang. Last stop was the shoe section. There was a whole aisle just for Simply Vera. She had a lot of flats, and I love flats - I had to stop and touch them all before heading towards the boots. Her boots were very cute - she had a couple of ankle boots selection, and I did end up purchasing one of them. It was not bad at all for the price - and it was very comfy.

Ankle boots - I especially like the buckle detail.

the pair - i love tall shoes. On sale for $62.99

All in all, Simply Vera is worth checking out.

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