Friday, September 14, 2007

Mail Call

A colleague of mine once told me a story where a high school intern at her husband’s business did not know where to place the stamp on an envelope for outgoing mail. Shocking, isn’t it? Something as simple as where a stamp goes is getting lost among the next generation. Communication is so instantaneous now – email, text messages, IM. My younger brother who just started his freshman year in college told me that he rarely checks his email because IM is so much more convenient. His means of communication: IM and text messages. Call me old fashion, but I like to get out a pen and paper every once in a while and send a letter inside an actual envelope via snail mail. I love receiving hand-made cards and hand written cards. My best friend and I make a habit of making each other’s birthday cards every year, the more outrageous, the better. So when I found the website, I immediately fell in love with it. How did they know how to get into my heart??? They carry good ol’ fashion stationary, cards, pens, and desk accessories. They carry a very wide variety of designers – all very unique and beautiful. For sure you will be able to find the perfect card for that next birthday, anniversary, or holiday. Based in Minneapolis, Red Stamp was founded by two friends with a love for paper and correspondence. Check out some of the designs below:

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