Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Must-Have Winter Accessory

Just because its getting colder doesn’t mean I stop wearing skirts. My favorite accessories during the cold months are tights – opaque tights, printed tights, patterned tights – they keep your legs warm and sexy. I love wearing tights, especially patterned not-so boring tights to add some umph to an outfit. I own a drawer full of tights of all kinds! I pick them up everywhere when I see something really fun. Wool tights and knit tights are great for cold winter months underneath a skirt. My favorite tights to wear are my diamond patterned black tights and my wool patterned tights. I also love fishnets – my favorites are smaller fishnets for a very sexy but subtle look. My favorite places to find quality tights at great prices are TJ Maxx and Marshalls for brands like DKNY, Hue, and Betsey Johnson. Great places for hosiery shopping online are - they sell hosiery & lingerie; - an international hosiery retailer; this site is great because they carry over 25 brands and its so easy to search for what you are looking for; and - they carry all your basic intimates.

Here are some great things I found on their sites!

Wolford herringbone patterned tights. Wolford tights are the best tights ever! They are costlier, but can withstand everything. TheRockettes wear Wolford!

Opaque colored tights - get them in several different colors.

Textured tights by Foot Traffic

Wool patterned tights by Aristoc

Honeycomb fishnet stockings - different from the classic fishnets and still sexy

Crochet lycra pantyhose

Diamond Opaque tights - for a tailored look

Diamond line tights by Jonathan Aston - I love these! I have a pair and I wear them all the time. 

Small fishnet tights- subtle sexiness

Argyle print tights - I love these! 

Cable-knit tights by Le Bourget

Merino Wool tights - to keep your legs warm with short skirts 

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