Monday, September 24, 2007

Yoga Booty Ballet

So yes, I am a sucker for infomercials. I actually watched this one a few times before actually going out and buying it. My girlfriends and I get together a few times a week to work out to Booty Ballet, and its pretty effective. I've seen a lot of work out videos, and I don'tthink this program is more effective or even better, the biggest difference is that it is a lot more fun. I bought the kit, 3 DVDs and a bouncy ball. The first DVD includes a 15 minute meditation, then a 45 minute basic Booty Ballet workout, and a 60 minute advanced Booty Ballet workout. They are both really good and work out your entire body. Then the second DVD were add-on's: a hip-hop abs video (about 40 min) and then a cabaret work-out video (about 35 min). Now, these were the workouts that were a lot more fun because you are basically dancing the whole time. You will definitely get the cardio workout for the day. It took me a few times to actually get the moves because they do it so fast.

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