Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Zeno, My Lifesaver

So I thought I had won the war with acne after high school when I had almost no breakouts and a clear face. I'm a sucker for infomercials, and I bought proactive solutions, which, true to the testimonials, worked great! So I had more time to have fun and party like a college student. Then after college, came the adult acne that you hear about but never think too much. I had terrible deep painful pimples (gross, I know) that were inflamed and made me so self-conscious, that some days, I didn't want to go to work. I just wanted to hide out until my face cleared. Most of it happened on my chin, which I later read is where adults get their acne. Something to do with our hormones. It wasn't like I was getting a ton of pimples, it would be one big one appearing after another just went away. I couldn't win! I ditched the Proactive, and tried every kind of cleanser, but I just could not tackle that deep pimple that would pop up once a month and take forever to go away. That's when I heard about Zeno, an at home acne treatment device. I thought, why not give it a try? It's pricey at a $150 retail, but it had a 30-day money back guarantee. Then I found it on sale at Target for $100. Score! Used it right away. It comes with a charger, and you have to charge it for 6 hours before using (can't use it while its being charge for safety reasons). It delivers a dose of heat directly to your pimple to destroy the bacteria that causes acne, reducing the inflammation and returning your skin back to normal. Each dose is 2.5 minutes long. It leaves the spot that you are treating a little red for about 30 minutes. It usually takes me about 3-4 treatments for a pimple to completely go away, which is usually about 2 days. But after the first couple of treatments, I do notice that the pimple is less inflamed and is getting smaller. Then a few more times, and its gone!
This device has become a lifesaver to treat that stubborn deep pimple that pops up out of nowhere. You know what I'm talking about. I keep myzeno fully charged and ready to go. This is a great device if you have the occasional breakout and need a fast treatment. One thing to note about this, is that it doesn't work if the acne has already broken the surface (ie. whitehead). It only works to prevent a deep pimple from breaking the surface. I usually use it when I feel a pimple coming on, which, if you know your skin, you'll know.
The Zeno has a removable tip that lasts either 60-90 uses, then you have to replace it. They are about $25-$50 a pop, depending on how many treatments you want. I think its totally worth it, because its a sure thing.

Read more at There are also a lot of reviews out there if you want to research more about it. It also comes in pink (only available at Sephora).
I've heard of another technology that is being developed, where instead of using heat, it will be some kind of other rays to zap acne. Kind of cool.

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